Analytics Audit

Do you know where your sales are coming from and what your customers are doing on your website?

Suprisingly, most of our clients before approaching us, had absolutely no idea how to understand data obtained from their website and what it means in real-time.

Google analytics is feature rich enterprise class web analytics tool. It has many features, like custom variable, events, alerts, profiles. During audit our certified Expert identifies what can be done to use this feature to make your account more effective

Actionability of the data collected by Google Analytics

Most implementation done by IT resources lacks expertize of data analytics. Therefore, data collected is not always actionable. With our expertize, we suggest ways to get data to help you take decision

Consistency of data collection

Google Analytics data collection sometimes leads to complex situation where cookie consistency and other parameters are not maintained to the extent Google requires them for. This leads to incorrect data & lack of trust in data from Management.

Integration with different system(e.g. Google AdWords, sales force, third party shopping cart)

While you have data in Google Analytics, to have a holistic view of customer you require it to be integrated with different CRM, Advertising systems. During Google Analytics Audit we review this to ensure you get complete overview of your data.

What will you get – Complete Google Analytics Review
An in depth report which clarifies your implementation based on accuracy, actionability and consistency of data. It will have potentially following sections:

  • Audit findings
  • Strategic recommendations
  • Tactical recommendations
  • Process recommendations