Understanding Analytics

Do you know where your sales are coming from and what your customers are doing on your website?

Suprisingly, most of business have absolutely no idea how to understand data obtained from their website and what it means in real-time.

Google analytics is a feature rich enterprise class web analytics tool. It has many features, like custom variable, events, alerts, profiles.

Top 5 Tips on Getting the Best Out Of Your Analytics

  1. Create Custom Customer Segments in your reports. This allows you to break down your audience demo, interests, locations, etc, so you can start targeting your market better.
  2. Create Goals and assign a monetary value to them. How do you know what’s working if you don’t assign a value to your goals. It is important to be able to compare and analyse the value of each conversion so you can evaluate what elements are important to your business.
  3. Look at your top conversion path. What’s the path that is most likely to win a conversion. Focus on optimising these pages so you get the best ROI from your visitors
  4. Set Up Intelligence Events. Understanding what events causes a spike in traffic on your website helps you make more precise promotion campaigns for future events.
  5. Compare historical traffic trend. When you visit the past, you can start to get an idea of what’s working and what’s not.